We are proud to introduce juristat alerts.

Juristat Alerts is a free new tool that sends patent application updates right to your inbox.*

What makes Juristat Alerts different? It's easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. "Juristat Alerts is a welcome addition to our industry-leading patent prosecution analytics," said Drew Winship, co-founder and CEO of Juristat. "These alerts are free, easy to use, and they reflect our commitment to efficient and clean design. I think patent prosecutors will find them extremely useful." Additionally, existing customers can access our Patent Examiner Reports right from the alerts. 


Juristat Alerts is optimized for computer and mobile. 
Juristat Alerts is optimized for computer and mobile. 


*Juristat Alerts go out on Monday mornings when our system detects one or more of the changes listed above.

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