The Top Firms for Cybersecurity Patents


It's the buzzword of our times. 

It seems like all we see these days when we turn on the news are reports of security and data breaches in all industry sectors, from commerce to academia to healthcare. Who among us has not received a friendly letter from their bank at one point or another informing them that, unfortunately, their credit card information has been compromised? Data security has even become a campaign issue in 2016's particularly bizarre presidential race, as Russian hackers have reportedly accessed the private emails of scores of Democratic party officials. 

If it appears that we are heading into an Orwellian future devoid of privacy, could easily be forgiven for making that assumption. However, there are many scientists and inventors who are working to keep us from that future through their work with cryptology and cybersecurity. And the good news is that they are getting patents! 

To highlight the work of those inventors and the IP attorneys who represent them, we found the 10 firms with the highest allowance rates in the cryptology and security practice groups at the USPTO, found in the 2430s and 2490s. All firms on this list have had at least 100 disposed applications in the relevant art units during the 10-year period between 2006 to 2015 and are ranked by allowance rate. Congratulations to the firms below for their skill in patent prosecution in this increasingly important technology sector.


10. Shumaker & Sieffert (88.6%)

9. WilmerHale (88.9%)

8. Garlick & Markison (89.1%)

7. Ridout & Maybee (90.1%)

6. Fenwick & West (91.0%)

5. Hickman Palermo Becker Bingham (91.9%)

4. Patent Capital Group (92.0%)

3. Harrity & Harrity (93.8%)

2. Lowenstein Sandler (95.6%)

1. ALG Intellectual Property (99.4%) 



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