Juri-STATS: SEC Rivals Edition

ala v aub

University of Alabama v. Auburn University

Winner: Auburn University (79% - 69%)

Said to be one of the most heated college football rivalries around, the Alabama/Auburn divide reigns supreme for Alabama residents vying for bragging rights amongst neighbors. With no NFL franchise based in their home state to distract these fans, the college football rivalry tensions run high, culminating in the annual Iron Bowl. However, when prosecuting patent applications at the USPTO, Alabama fans might want to leave their houndstooth at home. With an impressive 79% overall allowance rate, Auburn smokes the competition’s 69% allowance rate by ten percentage points.

ark v lsu

University of Arkansas v. Louisiana State University

Winner: University of Arkansas (75% - 64%)

­­Having first met on the field in 1901 and having faced each other yearly since Arkansas' induction into the SEC in 1992, these teams have had ample time to nurture their rivalry. Further intensifying this relationship is the “Golden Boot” trophy awarded to the winner of their annual game which has been won by LSU 11 times to Arkansas' seven since the Boot’s debut in 1996. Arkansas fans can rejoice with a resounding “woo pig sooie,” however, since their 75% allowance rate (as opposed to LSU’s 64% allowance rate) makes them the true winners at the USPTO.

fla v ga

University of Florida v. University of Georgia  

Winner: University of Florida (75% - 68%)

The annual meeting between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators has been referred to as the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” The revelry before this game is only matched by the excitement once inside the stadium. The neutral location, Jacksonville, Florida, allows this stadium to split evenly between the fans, which only adds to the excitement. When it comes to patent prosecution however, only an excited, “Run Lindsay!” could help Georgia. Florida’s 75% allowance rate slightly bests Georgia’s 68% making the Gators the winners of this rivalry.

msu v ms

Mississippi State University v. University of Mississippi 

Winner: Mississippi State University (90% - 71%)

Another rivalry involving two teams hailing from the same state, the Mississippi State/Ole Miss rivalry pits Mississippi residents against one another by forcing them to choose a school to support for the annual Egg Bowl. Much of the animosity between these teams stems from the urban v. rural reputations associated with each school. However, Mississippi State fans should proudly ring their cowbells in support of the highest allowance rate on this list. State’s 90% allowance rate easily surpasses the 71% held by Ole Miss making them the winners of the patent showdown.

tn v vandy

University of Tennessee v. Vanderbilt University

Winner: University of Tennessee (56% - 50%)

Only about 180 miles separate these rivals both located in Tennessee. Slated to play their 110th game the Saturday after Thanksgiving, these teams have long fostered an intrastate rivalry. Not only do these schools for which these teams play hail from the same state but their annual game is also always held in Tennessee. However, even when outside the state prosecuting patent applications in DC, a “Go Big Orange” is in order because like their impressive overall win rate against Vanderbilt on the field, their 56% allowance rate bests Vandy’s 50% off the field as well.


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