Juristat Release Notes: Quality Improvements

This is just a small release with a few quality improvements. We're hard at work on some exciting new features for you. In the meantime, why not get more acquainted with our last major release?

Here's what's on deck in this release:

  • Streamlined navigation bar, giving you more screen real estate
  • Reset your password from inside the app
    • Go to Account Management > Settings
  • Filters are now shown by default
  • We improved the examiner experience estimation
    • We updated our method of estimating an Examiner's experience, so it is now estimated from the earliest office action mailroom date for that examiner to the current date, and rounded to the nearest year.
  • We clarified the OA Response Win Rates graph
    • We removed the Appeal bars because they were confusing and not in line with the Interview and RCE metrics. The remaining bars show the rate at which applicants have received an allowance after responding to a rejection with either an interview or an RCE. The Appeal bars were previously showing the rate at which an applicant received a favorable result on appeal, regardless of whether it directly resulted in an allowance


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