Juristat Release Notes: Enhancements to Juristat Drafting

Juristat Drafting Updates

We've made some major enhancements to our Juristat Drafting tool. Here's what has changed:

Improved Classification

Simply put, all classification predictions are more accurate. We’ve dramatically improved the relevance of all classification results, meaning that you should almost always see classifications that make sense. 

Improved Word Suggestions

You’ll notice fewer suggested words, but the words suggested are more relevant to the classification you’re targeting or trying to avoid. You also don’t have to click on the word to find out if there are any suggested words. As soon as you select a classification, all available similar words are requested, and you will see an icon indicating if words are available or not.

More Classification Types

We’ve added CPC classes to the classification results, so you can plan based on the current CPC classification. The USPTO has retroactively classified most applications with a CPC class, and this is the data we use to inform our classifications.

Improved Text Editor

The editor feels much more stable, and the word highlighting works the way you’d expect.

Similar Applications and Cited Art

You can now view tables of 30 similar applications and 100 similar cited art to your claims text. These results are hidden by default, so you only see them if you want to. 

CSV Export of Drafting Results

You can now export all table results in Juristat Drafting to CSV file format. 

Classification Names

All classification types now display an abbreviated title, Just hover over to see the full title. 

Class Reports

You can now access USPC Class Reports (just like Art Unit Reports) by clicking on the blue classification number in the results table.


  • Dramatically improved classification results in Drafting 
  • Added USPC class reports in Drafting
  • Added application reports in Drafting
  • Added USPC discontinuation warnings (where applicable)
  • Business Intelligence now uses clearer language in claims change graphs
  • Added overall USPTO statistics on Art Unit and USPC class reports
  • Business Intelligence now displays a count of rejection bases over time
  • Drafting now displays classification titles for all classification types
  • Drafting now displays USPC classifications
  • Improved word suggestions in Drafting
  • Drafting now shows similar applications and cited art based on your classified claims (hidden by default)
  • Ability to export Drafting results to CSV file format
  • Added a help text link to the user account dropdown menu
  • Detailed Outcomes Graph in Examiner Reports now shows amendments as purple wedges
  • Juristat Personal now warns users when they submit duplicate applications 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small bug with the search typeahead box
  • Rounded publication delay line to the nearest year
  • Fixed a small bug that caused redirects upon login for some users

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