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"Samsung, Cisco Sign Cross-License Pact for Tech Patents - Companies Grant Each Other Access to Existing Patent Portfolios"

The Wall Street Journal Tech (5 Feb 2014)



"iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 named in upcoming Apple-Samsung trial - Both Apple and Samsung plan to assert that the other has violated their patented technologies in a trial set for next month."

CNET  (5 Feb 2014)



"Patent Case Filings: Slow Start in 2014"

PatentlyO (6 Feb 2014)



"Google, Intellectual Ventures case over patents ends in U.S. mistrial"

Reuters (5 Feb 2014)



"Apple Hit With $2 Billion Patent Infringement Lawsuit - German Patent Owner Pursing Damages for Infringement"

Reuters (5 Feb 2014)



"Europe and Mexico intensify co-operation on patents"

EPO (3 Feb 2014)

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