Juristat 2017 Year in Review


Over the past year, we have published articles covering a wide range of topics, from handling Alice rejections to a study of the ATF industries to the Juristat Top 100. In each of them, we have tried to lift the curtain on the inner workings of the USPTO and various industry players in order to give you, our readers, a more informed outlook on the practice of patent prosecution. Of course, given the range topics that we have covered, some of our articles are naturally going to be more popular than others.

In that light, we’d like to present to you our 10 most popular postings from 2017.

We hope you have enjoyed all of our content over the past year, and we look forward to continue bringing you even more groundbreaking and eye-opening information in 2018.


10. The Best Art Units for AFCP 2.0 Requests

9. The Top Firms for Handling Mayo & Myriad Rejections

8. The Top Firms for Pre-Appeal Brief Conferences

7. The Pros and Cons of Software Patents

6. The Top Firms at the PTAB

5. Juristat Top 100 (2017)

4. The Firms with the Highest Alice Allowance Rates

3. The Fastest Firms at the PTAB

2. Do AFCP 2.0 Requests Actually Work?

1. The Hardest Examiners at the USPTO (2017)


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