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Simple Legal

Tracking legal spend and organizing your legal bills can be a major pain point for a corporation, particularly in high-stress situations such as when your company is involved in litigation.  Simple Legal recognized this and created a tool to easily track and budget your legal spend, organized by attorney up to the entire law firm.   Law Firms are able to submit itemized bills directly to you through Simple Legal.  Visit for more information on how you can streamline the process.


Wysebridge Online Patent Bar Review

The Patent Bar is a difficult exam, even more so now that the America Invents Act has forced test-takers to learn both Pre and Post-AIA law.  Wysebridge Patent Bar Review has created a 100% online study system which gives you the tools necessary to easily pass and become a member of the Patent Bar (I should know - it helped me pass!).  Created on the principles of organization, efficiency, and a desire to meet the individual needs of those preparing to take the exam, Wysebridge helps you stay organized, on track, and offers you a way to efficiently and effectively prepare to take the exam at a cost that is a mere fraction of expensive, in-person, courses, which can cost ~$3000, plus travel and hotel if you have to go out of town to attend the course.  Check out their free resources today.


Fast Patent Partner

Speed and efficiency is now expected and demanded by legal clients.  Gone are the days of spending ten or hundreds of hours performing due diligence investigations or carefully reviewing prosecution histories.  Fast Patent Partner has recognized this shift and created a series of tools which allow both patent prosecutors and litigators to perform in depth due diligence investigations, prosecution research, and litigation case research far more efficiently and accurately than by using the USPTO's PAIR system.  For terminal disclaimers, to portfolio migration, to locating the expert with the ideal background for your infringement case, Fast Patent Partner has you covered.



Stephen Palley is one of few attorneys who "get it." He sees the coming paradigm shifts in the industry, and his clients are the better for it.  He has been running ImpasseBreaker, a tool for negotiation and dispute resolution, in "stealth mode" for his clients for a number of months, but has now made it available to the public.  Demo ImpasseBreaker today at


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