Juristat Announces Investment Partnership with MBM Capital

Juristat, the St. Louis-based startup that helps patent lawyers improve strategic decision-making and automate workflows, is excited to announce a game-changing investment partnership with MBM Capital, launching the company into a new phase of growth.

"The infusion of capital marks a strategic milestone in our journey, providing the financial impetus needed to embark on ambitious projects and strategic collaborations,” Juristat founder and CEO Drew Winship said.

The investment launches a new chapter for Juristat, moving from its former corporate entity of Datanalytics, to become Juristat, Inc. Proceeds from the investment are being used to build out the team and enhance the core products and services, which will lead to a superior client experience.

Juristat’s suite of workflow automation products leverages AI to streamline the administrative and operational processes unique to patent law firms and corporate in-house teams. Whether it's preparing an office action response, generating an information disclosure statement, or analyzing USPTO examiner behavior, Juristat significantly reduces a firm's expenses while enhancing efficiency and precision.

“Juristat’s emphasis on transformative transparency and equity in the patent system, combined with their approach to new technologies, positions them to be a leader in the legal tech industry,” said Arun Mittal, Managing Partner at MBM. “We are thrilled to be part of their journey.”

Since its launch in 2013, Juristat's technology has evolved into the predominant tool for predicting patent examiner behavior and optimizing business development strategies for patent attorneys. The company boasts a clientele that includes 25% of the top patent law firms, among them firms such as Fish & Richardson, Knobbe Martens, and McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, as well as technology giants Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Lenovo. 

“We are excited about this new partnership with MBM. This chapter launches us towards new possibilities and will positively impact our customers, partners, and team members," said Winship.

About Juristat, Inc.
Juristat, Inc is a data analytics and workflow automation company whose products are used by innovative law firms and companies to improve prosecution outcomes, make more strategic business decisions, and streamline the most tedious tasks associated with obtaining a patent at the USPTO.

About MBM
MBM Capital ( www.MBMCapital.co ) invests in formerly venture-backed tech companies with great products, real revenue and strong teams, but which need a different kind of capital partner to achieve profitability and sustainable growth. With a specific focus in HR tech, fintech, data and ecommerce, MBM catalyzes profitable growth with an injection of capital, top-tier talent and a proven operational playbook to engineer attractive exits.



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