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The Fastest Art Units for Appeals

In addition to being more expensive than RCEs and interviews, appeals also take much, much longer.

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Michelle Lee: Her Tenure and Performance

As we have previously reported, Michelle Lee recently stepped down from her post as Under Secretary.

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Alice: Three Years On

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Few decisions in the patent law space in.

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The Firms with the Highest Alice Allowance Rates

As we mark the three-year anniversary of the Alice decision, the case’s effects have come into.

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The Fastest Firms at the PTAB

One of the most commonly-cited disadvantages to choosing an appeal as a post-final rejection.

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Patriotic Patents for 2017

Here at Juristat, we occasionally like to take a step back and take a look at patents in a little.

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The Art Units with the Highest PTAB Win Rates

When an appealed patent application makes it all the way to the PTAB and there is a final decision.

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The Fastest Art Unit Groups for Track One Applications

The USPTO’s Track One program is for applicants who want a patent as quickly as possible. Known.

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The Top Firms for Pre-Appeal Brief Conferences

Most applicants request a pre-appeal brief conference (hereinafter referred to as “PBC”) as a.

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