Introducing Juristat's new features for 2016

New Year.  New Features.
Juristat is proud to announce new features for 2016.  These new features offer an unprecedented level of integration with your existing software and customization of search results.


How many different pieces of software do you have to log into and access on a daily basis?  We know you have a number of usernames and passwords you have to remember, and we want to make that list one shorter.  You can now access Juristat’s information without an extra login with our docketing software integration.

The vast majority of IP law firms and in-house departments use docketing software to manage documents, deadlines, and case files for their patent prosecutions.  Juristat can integrate with the software you already use to allow you to access our data, including our Examiner Reports, from right within your existing software.


Customers with a Juristat application program interface (API) Subscription gain access to our proprietary database that contains over 6 million U.S. patent applications totaling over 900 terabytes. Our API serves as a platform for building analytics to track internal performance, competitors, or any custom data point.

Our API access allows you to design your own searches to get the customized data most relevant to your particular practice or case.  Find allowance rates, average time to disposition, and more for specific art units or tech centers.  Discover if yours is an art unit prone to Alice rejections and what examiners are the most likely to issue them.  Track your firm or company’s internal performance across art units and tech centers.

To learn more about these features, please contact us or schedule a demo.

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