New in Juristat: IDS Reference Sheets and Patent Family Trees

We’re excited to announce new enhancements and features available only from Juristat IDS

Juristat constantly strives to enhance our platform to provide you with the most powerful and efficient patent analytics and workflow automation tools. 

Juristat IDS subscribers are always just five questions away from automating their information disclosure statement process. Powered by the same database as our industry-leading Analytics tool, Juristat IDS knows every application filed at the USPTO, each piece of prior art cited, and the familial relationships between applications. Our subscribers eliminate workload unpredictability, as well as the risk of error and the high cost of manual preparation.

To that end, we’re excited to announce new enhancements and features available only from Juristat IDS.

New! Reference Sheets available in the IDS Manager

With our management dashboard, Juristat IDS subscribers get a comprehensive look at all the information disclosure statements (and accompanying reference sheets!) produced and sent from Juristat. 

To access the dashboard, Juristat IDS subscribers simply click the "Workflow Automation" button on the left-hand side of Juristat. To view the accompanying reference sheet prepared by Juristat, make sure you have added the ‘Reference Sheet’ column to your view. Then, click "Reference Sheet” on any completed IDS to view the accompanying reference sheet within the Juristat app. 

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 2.06.17 PM

Whether the triggering event is a rejection issued on a U.S. application, new filing, a PCT filing, or another request, Juristat prepares the reference sheet listing all relevant prior art references. Thanks to our industry-leading Analytics database, Juristat IDS subscribers can trust that we know every piece of prior art cited in each case, every foreign equivalent, every continuity relationship, and every subject matter relationship. 

Of course, you’ll still receive a dedicated email with a download link for each IDS produced as soon as it’s ready, but this dashboard view adds an additional level of convenience and oversight to your IDS workflow management. 

New! Interactive family trees 

Now available for Juristat IDS subscribers - a graphical family tree that provides application details, zoom-in/zoom-out functionality, and links to full application data for each application in the family.

Large patent families can make the already complex work on an IDS even more difficult. This interactive map of the patent family tree displays all applications that share a priority relationship. Each application node includes vital information such as application number, current status, attorney docket number, filing date, and application type. With Juristat IDS, reviewing family relationships has never been easier.

To view the patent family tree for an application, first make sure you’ve added the ‘Family Tree’ column to your view. Then, you can click ‘View Family’ where available.

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