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Predicting USPTO examiner behavior is key but without the right data, you’re just guessing. Here are five metrics for a more successful prosecution.

5 Best Metrics for Predicting Examiner Behavior

Will an interview lead to an allowance? Should you appeal? Is it time to abandon? How long is too long between filing and the first office action? As an experienced patent professional, you know that predicting examiner behavior is key to finding the shortest path to an allowance, but without the right data, you’re just guessing.

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Data Strategies for Before, During and After Patent Prosecution

Big Data Benefits for Your Patent: Strategies for Before, During and After Prosecution

With the right data, IP practitioners can make nuanced and strategic decisions to aid their patent prosecution process.

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Patent analytics drive better prosecution outcomes. Here are the 6 ways to use Juristat Analytics to help you protect your client’s budget.

6 Best Ways To Control Your Spending With Patent Analytics

Patent analytics drive better prosecution outcomes – including less time to allowance, improved client relationships, and, crucially, increased profitability.

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How AI can make your day easier

5 Ways AI Can Make the Day Better for IP Professionals

The rest of the world may be enjoying the lazy days of summer, but as a patent professional, you are gearing up for the end of the USPTO’s fiscal year, also known as their incredibly busy season. As you’re facing an influx of office actions or are still buried in an especially complicated IDS, you may be looking for ways to simplify your day and streamline your processes. 

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Here are four essential tips from Juristat to help you present USPTO data in a way that engages your patent clients, demonstrates ROI, and establishes consistency in your approach.

Data Secrets for Success: 4 Game-Changing Tips for Your Patent Practice

As a seasoned patent professional, you are confident in your strategy. But more and more often, your clients are demanding proof of your data-driven decision-making.  

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Legal support staff suffering from workplace burnout

4 Ways to Avoid Burnout

We are entering a time of year where, as a prosecution manager, paralegal, assistant, or another member of the support staff, you're probably facing a packed calendar and your to-do list is anything but to-done.

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Man assessing legal tech free trial

8 Tips To Get the Most Out of a Free Trial

Maybe you were taken in by an ad for workflow automation that could help your overworked support staff, maybe you hit the search bar looking for a way to reduce your IDS workload, or maybe you were tired of the other firms standing out to corporate clients with their use of data analytics.

Whatever the reason, you need to know that investing in legal tech is going to be worth the cost to your firm. So you negotiated a free trial, and you’ve got seven or 14, or 30 days to make sure this product will fulfill your needs.

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New in Juristat: Streamlined IDS Requests, New Charts, Improved Expert Search, and Dedicated Implementation Team

Juristat continues to build products that speed up and simplify your patent prosecution.

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New in Juristat: PTAB Expert Search, Pending OA Response Tracking, and Printing Improvements

Juristat is moving beyond patent prosecution strategy, creating products and features that simplify patent litigation and workflow automation. See what’s new, including our powerful PTAB Expert Search, comprehensive office action response tracking, and improved printing capabilities.

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group of lawyers sitting meeting

4 Tips to Avoid Costly Patent Prosecution

To succeed in any industry, a certain amount of foresight and planning is key. For patent attorneys, identifying and taking action on high-cost prosecution can lessen the usual timeline and save money in the long term.

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