New in Juristat: Petition Searching

New in Juristat Petition Searching

Petitions aren’t necessary for every prosecution, but when these complex situations do arise, Juristat provides the background and data you need to proceed with confidence.

New! Petition Search

Over the last few months, we have worked with customers to develop our new Petition Search functionality. Now, rather than searching your DMS for a similar example or drafting from scratch, our widely-requested Petition Search grants subscribers access to more than 600,000 petition documents dating back to 2015.

Our new Petition Search allows you to:

  • Access the full text of the petition request and Agency decision 
  • Narrow your searches for applications most similar to your own
  • Copy language directly from successful petitions, saving you valuable time 


Petitions GIF-2

How does Petition Search work? Our powerful scoped search feature has always allowed you to search both the full text of an application or individual documents, and now, “petitions” have been added to that list of search options. Thanks to our comprehensive filter options, you can narrow your search to identify relevant petitions for applications within a specific class, art unit, or technology center, in front of a particular examiner, filed on behalf of your own firm (or a competitor), and more. 

And best of all, Petition Search is available to all Juristat Analytics subscribers at no additional cost.

Whether you are looking to save time on a routine request, research rare and successful petitions, or advise clients on anticipated timeline, Petition Search makes Juristat the one, centralized prosecution tool you need to proceed with confidence. 

Want to see our Petition Search in action? Watch our on-demand webinar, Bringing Some Predictability to Petitions, or schedule a personalized walkthrough

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