See How Your Firm Stacks Up Using Juristat's Newest Features

Juristat is proud to announce the release of some exciting new features that will help law firms compare performance and attract new business. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:


Law firms are businesses and businesses need customers. That’s why we developed this one-of-a-kind marketing tool. This tool lets law firms attract new business by comparing their performance to that of major assignees. Simply enter a name in the search bar, choose the assignee you want, and generate a report. Take a look:



Performance is based on four key metrics: allowance rate, number of office actions required, time to disposition, and claims won/lost. A green number indicates that your firm is outperforming the assignee in that metric. A red number indicates that your firm is underperforming. For example, the firm above has a higher number of office actions than the assignee but loses fewer claims.

In addition to the four key metrics, the bar graph lets users compare win rates for the various types of office actions. Each report also includes a list of the top ten firms used by the assignee. This information empowers firms to make data-backed decisions when targeting potential clients.


Firms can also see how they stack up against the competition. As with the marketing feature, performance is based on allowance rate, number of office actions required, time to disposition, and claims won/lost.



Using this data, firms can uncover problem areas and develop effective strategies for improvement.

As with all of our offerings, these new features include data-based graphics that reflect Juristat’s commitment to beautiful design. “Information is often only usable when it’s actionable and explainable,” said Kirk Damman, Partner at Lewis Rice. “Juristat’s graphics make it easy for me not only to see the course of action to suggest, but to explain to a client why.”


Finally, there’s Juristat Personal, a case management tool for patent attorneys and agents. With Juristat Personal, attorneys can input their individual case numbers, get customized data, and compare their performance to firm-wide averages. 

About Juristat

Juristat transforms public patent data into actionable analytics to help firms and in-house counsels optimize patent prosecution strategies. Our cutting-edge and highly scalable products are primed to change the way law firms and businesses approach patents and the law. Our debut product, Juristat Patent Examiner Reports, analyzes past behaviors of all USPTO patent examiners to predict their future behavior. 

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