Austin Underhill

These are the Hardest CPC Classifications at the USPTO

I have some bad news for the wine lovers among us: It's apparently quite difficult to get a patent.

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Michelle Lee, USPTO Director, Resigns

Without much explanation, USPTO Director Michelle Lee resigned on Tuesday after months of.

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Juristat Top 100 | 2017 Update: How Foreign Priority Applications Change the Rankings

Back in January, we released our official ranking of the Top 100 Patent Firms. The Juristat Top 100.

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The Easiest and Hardest Art Unit Groups at the USPTO

As you may know, we regularly publish rankings of the top patent prosecution firms. Even though our.

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Using Juristat's Patent Examiner Reports: Part I

Our Patent Examiner Reports give attorneys, agents, and in-house teams nearly limitless advantages.

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3 Tips for Overcoming an Alice Rejection


If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank or you’re.

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Just Announced: Juristat/IPfolio Partnership

Integration will let users access examiner statistics from within their favorite management software

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The State of the RCE Backlog

Tackling the Application Backlog When David Kappos took over as Director of the USPTO in August.

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See How Your Firm Stacks Up Using Juristat's Newest Features

Juristat is proud to announce the release of some exciting new features that will help law firms.

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