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Metrics for IP teams to evaluate outside patent counsel

5 Best Metrics to Evaluate Outside Counsel

Evaluating outside counsel is a crucial task for in-house patent teams seeking a valuable legal partner. While it may be easy to simply pick the biggest name firm, or choose based on word-of-mouth, that might not always be the best fit for your business. 

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How to Discover Competitors You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Competition is a vital component of doing business, especially for patent teams. Competition forces you to innovate, finding creative solutions to protect and grow every patent portfolio on your books.

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Here are four essential tips from Juristat to help you present USPTO data in a way that engages your patent clients, demonstrates ROI, and establishes consistency in your approach.

Data Secrets for Success: 4 Game-Changing Tips for Your Patent Practice

As a seasoned patent professional, you are confident in your strategy. But more and more often, your clients are demanding proof of your data-driven decision-making.  

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Zuckerberg’s Meta Invades Twitter’s Nest

If you took your holiday weekend in an off-grid cabin, you may be unaware that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta launched a new app last week, much to Elon Musk’s ire. If your phone is an extension of your body like the rest of us, how are you liking Threads?

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Whether you’re growing your patent practice or strengthening relationships with existing clients, here are five emails you can send to your clients to provide value and develop your business.

5 Reasons for Patent Attorneys to Email Clients

Whether you’re growing your patent practice or strengthening relationships with existing clients, a well-timed and informative email can not only provide value but give you a valuable opportunity to further develop your business. 

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man talking sales pitch

How to Win Over Your Ideal Client

IP firms are taking some time to reflect on the current state of their profit margins. Our conversations with clients have made it clear: business development is a top priority.

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ip firms time of uncertainty

How IP Firms Adapt in Times of Uncertainty

In an increasingly turbulent business environment, IP firms need to take stock of what they can control, fortify, and improve. Now is the time to strengthen current processes with workflow automation and broaden your client base through competitive intelligence.

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Why Competitive Intelligence Is a Game Changer for In-House Patent Teams

Intellectual property is the foundation for building a significant competitive advantage for businesses of any size. Companies need to keep a constant eye out for new competitors and advantageous legal partnerships to stay ahead.

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Competitive Intelligence for Patent Firms

Why Competitive Intelligence Is a Game Changer for Patent Firms

Firms with a solid grasp on landscape analysis and competitive intelligence become indispensable to their clients and difficult to beat when vying for new business.

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patent analytics data

How Data Helps You Deliver More for Your Clients

In a saturated market, law firms are looking for ways to stand out and deliver the best legal services to their corporate clients. If you are looking to provide quality patent prosecution that ensures long-standing relationships, your firm needs to invest in data analytics.

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