Technology Center 3600 is somewhat of a catch-all tech center, with applicable technologies ranging from animal husbandry to furniture to robotics systems. The 3600s are also home to the business methods art units, which have been the subject of a great deal of interest and critical analysis following Alice v. CLS Bank Int’l., 573 U.S. ___(2014). Its average allowance rate is 61.1%, which is lower than the USPTO average of 71%.
Below is a ranking of the top 10 speediest firms by time to disposition in TC 3600. The firms were selected from IP Today’s top firms for 2015 and all have at least 250 disposed applications in the tech center. Time to disposition was measured by the average number of months between an application’s filing date and the date it was either patented or abandoned.


Fastest 3600s Fastest 3600s


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