Go From Attorney to Advisor With 102 Forward Cite Reports

A patent attorney gives business advice to a client, helping to grow the attorney's practice.

By strategically leveraging 102 Forward Cite Reports, you can increase your value by acting as an advisor, not just an attorney. 

As a patent practitioner, your clients have specific expectations of you – help them navigate the complex U.S. patent prosecution process, file all the necessary paperwork on time, and to help earn an allowance swiftly and efficiently while staying within the allotted budget. But thanks to your knowledge of the patent system (plus some critical data), you can do more to help their business. 

With Juristat 102 Forward Cite Reports, you'll know each time an examiner forward cites an issued patent or patent application against competitors in 102 rejections. Juristat 102 Forward Cite Reports provide a summary of those forward citations in a downloadable .csv file. You can run the report easily, at a time that suits you, right from the Juristat application. These reports are now available to all Juristat Analytics subscribers. 


You may not currently track 102 citations, but this simple report can take your practice to the next level.

Prevent Patent Infringement or Conflict

Forward citation reports can help you identify when an examiner forward cites a specific assignee's patent or patent application against competitors in 102 rejections. That means you can protect your client or organization from patent infringement or your firm from a potential conflict with just a few easy clicks.

The report will also give you the information necessary to file CONs to block infringing parties further if the application is pending.


Identify Mergers, Acquisitions, and Licensing Opportunities

A 102 forward citation is an opportunity to position your firm as dedicated to long-term business growth and prove yourself a proactive legal partner to your clients.  

You can quickly identify companies referencing your clients' technology by running a 102 forward cite report. This report allows you to identify a potentially lucrative licensing opportunity or even suggest a possible merger or acquisition of a competing entity.

Controlling Costs

Regularly reviewing 102 forward citations can also help you better understand which applications your client should continue paying maintenance fees on and which ones they should abandon.

If other competing companies frequently reference your client’s patent, it would likely behoove them to continue to protect that intellectual property. But if no one seems keen on the idea, it may be better to leverage the money and strategically-valuable time elsewhere.

To go from attorney to advisor, you need to broaden your services, prove the quality of support you offer, and go above and beyond what is expected in this type of client-attorney relationship. With Juristat, you can use 102 rejection data to provide your clients with the future insight they may not be expecting and help them better leverage their patent portfolio. To see just how easy it is to have essential information at the click of a button, let’s talk.

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