Jack Liput

VP of Sales

10 Best Conferences for Your IP Practice in 2024

The new year brings new technologies, advancements, insights, and opportunities to the world of patent prosecution.

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How to Discover Competitors You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Competition is a vital component of doing business, especially for patent teams. Competition forces you to innovate, finding creative solutions to protect and grow every patent portfolio on your books.

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Whether you’re growing your patent practice or strengthening relationships with existing clients, here are five emails you can send to your clients to provide value and develop your business.

5 Reasons for Patent Attorneys to Email Clients

Whether you’re growing your patent practice or strengthening relationships with existing clients, a well-timed and informative email can not only provide value but give you a valuable opportunity to further develop your business. 

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examiner issue most office actions

Examiners Who Issue the Most Office Actions (2021)

An ideal patent prosecution is quick, cost-efficient, and ultimately successful. The more office actions an application receives, the longer, more expensive, and less viable an application becomes.

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Juristat's Top Blog Posts of 2020

2020 is not exactly what we expected, was it? Business has felt anything but usual. Now, at the end of the year, we have time to reflect, consider new best practices and areas of improvement, and keep our fingers crossed that 2021 will be at least a tiny bit less surprising.

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computer typing workflow automation

The Most Effective Way to Improve Your Patent Practice Right Now

As we near the end of a tumultuous year, IP managers and patent attorneys are more conscious than ever of their bottom line.

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How to Identify High-Cost Prosecution and Regain Control of Your Spending

Patent prosecution is expensive and complex. And often, each individual practitioner has their own unique approach to reach that all-important NOA. But inconsistent practices and reliance solely on past experience can lead to inflated costs.

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How to Get More Business from Current Clients

To maintain successful business partnerships, law firms need to regularly assess new ways to benefit their IP clients. By putting in the effort to expand client relationships, firms can better demonstrate the value of their ongoing service.

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How to Handle Office Actions More Efficiently

Even during these uncertain times, the USPTO maintains that operations will continue without interruption. That means while you are busy adopting new remote work processes and ensuring your team is healthy, office actions are still being issued. 

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Irish invention St. Patrick's Day

Ejection Seats, Stronger Whiskey and Split Atoms: A Few Irish Inventions

With St. Patrick's Day upon us, we celebrate the heritage of the Irish, but corned beef and funny green outfits shouldn't be the only things you remember about St. Patrick's Day. In fact, some of the world’s most important inventions and discoveries have actually come from the Irish. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important inventions and discoveries to ever make it off of the Emerald Isle. 

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