Juristat Product News: Disruption to Alerts Service

Juristat will no longer offer access to our free application alerts to clients that do not have private PAIR integration with Juristat.

The USPTO recently imposed limitations on the ability to use private PAIR to obtain up-to-date information about published applications, affecting all vendors of patent data. Due to the decision, we are no longer able to guarantee timely alerts for applications not directly associated with a private PAIR sponsorship.


What this means:
  • If your organization does not have private PAIR integration with us: We cannot guarantee timely alerts for any applications. You will no longer be able to set new alerts for published applications, but we will continue to send alerts emails to you for existing alerted applications to the extent they are available.
  • If your organization does have private PAIR integration with us: You can still receive alerts on applications under a customer number that is associated with a sponsoring account. For example, if an application number is filed under customer number 12345 and customer number 12345 is associated with one or more private PAIR accounts that have sponsored Juristat, you can expect to receive timely alerts on that application. If that customer number is not associated with a private PAIR account that has sponsored Juristat, we cannot provide timely alerts for that application. You will continue to receive alerts on your existing alerted applications not associated with a sponsored customer number to the extent they are available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we are hopeful that this disruption to alerts service is temporary. We are working with the USPTO regarding their policy and how this affects your ability to receive timely information about ongoing patent prosecutions. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need to know whether or not your organization has private PAIR integration with Juristat.


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