Patents for a Happy Holiday Season

Patents Filed With the USPTO That Can Make for a Happy Holiday Season

The heat of summer is behind us, and the warmth of the holidays is just ahead. Thanks to some innovative minds, here are a few inventions to make the season a little easier, or at least, easier to bear.

Pumpkin Decorating Device

As much as you may enjoy a festive jack-o-lantern around Halloween, carving pumpkins can be messy, time-consuming, and depending on your knife-wielding skills, potentially dangerous. Enter the ‘Pumpkin Decorating Device,’ an insertable pumpkin decoration device for a pumpkin and which is configured in a traditional jagged smile with triangle eyes.


Pumpkin Decorating Device Patent

The patent was ultimately abandoned.

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Beer-containing Beverage

You may have passed a summer afternoon on a warm patio, preparing for the deluge of office actions surely coming for you in September, pondering why some USPTO examiners seem to enjoy putting things off, sipping on a radler, a lemonade and beer.

But now it is the holiday season. The work has hit, you’ve probably labeled what feels like a million detailed figures, all the while wishing you had AI to do it. Add in all the family gatherings, and you could probably use a beer. But a raddler isn’t quite seasonally appropriate. Inventor Gunther Scheler has your back.

His 2005 patent US20040033304A1 created a “beer-containing beverage” that essentially swaps the lemonade for pumpkinseed extract. The patent application claims that incorporating the defatted extract from the pumpkinseed creates an agreeable taste and a slightly viscous mouthfeel. Everything you want from a beer.


Odorant Golf Ball

If you golf, this comes as no surprise to you, but not all golf balls are alike. In fact, some are seasonally scented.

As of 2007 a golf ball can come in a variety of fragrances, thanks to US Patent 2007/0219019 A1. And of course, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is one of those scents.


Odorant Golf Ball Patent

Turkey Sensor

If you wait too long, it can be a struggle to find a turkey in the store, but finding one in the wild might be a little easier with a Turkey Sensor (US Patent 10194650).


Turkey Sensor


The turkey sensor can scout an area without a hunter needing to be present. The device records turkey calls from their roosts within the first 30 minutes of daylight. 

Pyrex Pie Pan

Pyrex Pie Pan Plate Patent

And, finally, we’d be remiss to not mention maybe the most important patent when it comes to pumpkin season: the Pyrex glass pie pan.

C. Sullivan and W. C. Taylor, who worked for Corning Glass Works, filed patents for both the baking dish and the glass it was made from, in 1915. The USPTO granted the patents (US Patent 1,304,622 to the heating vessel and US Patent 1,304,623 to the glass.)

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