Video: Maximize ROI with USPTO Examiner Data

Posted by Parker Brogdon on 11/6/18 3:08 PM

As patent lawyers working with creators and innovators, you rely on complex data and historical trends to make informed decisions in your patent prosecutions.

Juristat organizes and visualizes big data to help patent prosecutors identify the most advantageous responses to office actions while providing clients with unparalleled transparency into the decision-making process.

Watch our latest video to learn how to access useful examiner data that can inform your patent prosecution:

Examiner data has the power to shape your patent prosecution strategy. And with Juristat's detailed, easy-to-read reports, you can walk clients through your decision making, providing appreciated transparency and ensuring your clients the best chance at success. 

Contact our sales team to get a closer look at Juristat's examiner data. 

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