What Is a Normalized Allowance Rate?

Juristat’s normalized allowance rate factors in both average examiner allowance rate and the USPTO average allowance rate to provide a more specific metric to guide your patent prosecution strategy.

Juristat’s normalized allowance rate factors in both average examiner allowance rate and the USPTO average allowance rate to provide a more specific metric to evaluate your patent prosecution strategy.

When you aim to define your success at the USPTO, you may inevitably find yourself reaching for your firm’s allowance rate. It is a quick and simple way to help others understand the efficacy of your work. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best, or most nuanced way to evaluate the quality of your patent prosecution strategy.

To truly define success and set your team apart, it may be time to check your firm’s normalized allowance rate.

While an allowance rate is useful for some comparisons, Juristat’s normalized allowance rate is a new, more specific way to gauge your firm’s success. Our normalized allowance rate factors in how a firm’s allowance rate compares to the averages for their examiners, as well as how difficult their examiners are relative to the rest of the USPTO. The formula creates a rate that reflects your firm’s performance against those examiners, giving you a more accurate evaluation and a better predictor of future success. 

How to calculate your patent firm's normalized allowance rate.

A firm's normalized allowance rate is equal to the firm allowance rate + (firm allowance rate - avg examiner allowance rate) + (USPTO avg allowance rate - avg examiner allowance rate). The data used is based on applications disposed in the last five years. 


And if it sounds a bit convoluted to calculate, don’t worry. Juristat has done it for you. Our new Prosecution Health Dashboard provides your firm’s normalized allowance rate, along with other key metrics to give an honest, data-driven look at the strength of your firm’s patent prosecution, as well as provide actionable strategies to strengthen it even further. This easy-to-digest dashboard is available to all Juristat Analytics subscribers.

In addition to normalized allowance rate and other metrics found only with Juristat, the Prosecution Health Dashboard allows you to:

  • Easily evaluate current client relationships and flag those that may be at risk
  • Uncover new business opportunities where you outperform the assignee's current counsel 
  • Identify applications that may be headed for a long, costly prosecution 
  • Gauge prosecution effectiveness and distribution of work across your client portfolio 

Ultimately, the data provides at-a-glance insight – with the legwork typically required of such nuanced analysis already complete. Of course, when you are ready to dig deeper, you can always explore the data behind the dashboard within Juristat. 

Analytics subscribers can log in now to see their firm’s normalized allowance rate, or visit the Help Center to learn more about the Prosecution Health Dashboard. Not yet subscribed? Get a taste of how Juristat’s industry-leading patent analytics can transform your patent practice with free access to your firm’s dashboard

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