Our Patent Examiner Reports give attorneys, agents, and in-house teams nearly limitless advantages over the competition. Every time you open an Examiner Report, our system performs over a billion calculations to return the most up-to-date information. As of this writing, Juristat’s database covers approximately 9,000 active examiners in almost 900 art units. Not only that, we have data on...
As part of our ongoing effort to uncover the firms that perform the best using various key metrics of skill in patent prosecution (allowance rate, speed to disposition, number of claims lost, etc.), we wanted to rank some of the most efficient law firms for patent prosecution. Now, there are several methods for measuring "efficiency" in patent prosecution, the most obvious being average speed to...
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As we continue to investigate major rivalries in the patent law world, we now turn our attention away from market-based competition and onto academic competition. This is a type of rivalry that, while generally good-natured, can get quite heated as various schools battle it out in academic rankings, job placement statistics, and on the field. When it comes to academic rivalries in the sector,...

Juristat Top 100 | 2016

March 08, 2016
  Note: This list is from 2016. Click here to see the latest rankings. 
In the post-Alice era, allowances in the 3620s, 3680s, and 3690s e-commerce art units are an increasingly rare sight. The decision has wreaked havoc on the way the courts and patent examiners interpret software and business methods claims, making its application unpredictable and inconsistent. Many commentators allege that the decision is being applied overzealously by many examiners,...

The Rainmaker Firms

February 04, 2016
by Drew Winship and James Cosgrove

The State of the RCE Backlog

February 03, 2016
Tackling the Application Backlog When David Kappos took over as Director of the USPTO in August 2009, he was greeted by an overwhelming backlog of patent applications. By the following month, Mr. Kappos proposed changes to address the growing problem. These changes were directed at the USPTO’s docket management and examiner count systems. As a refresher, the examiner count system is one of the...
As part of our ongoing project to pit major companies against each other to see who comes out on top in patent prosecution, we are now taking a turn to the great American automotive industry. The two companies in our ring this week are two giants of the field, and two of the most iconic American companies in existence--Ford and General Motors (GM). As a car-obsessed culture, the products these...

Juri-STATS: SEC Rivals Edition

November 23, 2015
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