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The Major and Emerging Attorneys and Firms at PTAB

PTAB Trends: Top Firms and Attorneys

When it comes to PTAB proceedings, who are the major players? Which firms and attorneys are.

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top companies at the PTAB

PTAB Trends: The Major and Emerging Players

When it comes to PTAB proceedings, who are the major players? Which companies are filing the most.

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New in Juristat: Streamlined IDS Requests, New Charts, Improved Expert Search, and Dedicated Implementation Team

Juristat continues to build products that speed up and simplify your patent prosecution.

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How to Ditch the Recruiter for Your Expert Witness Search

Finding the right expert witness in PTAB proceedings is crucial to success, but IP attorneys often.

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New in Juristat: PTAB Expert Search, Pending OA Response Tracking, and Printing Improvements

Juristat is moving beyond patent prosecution strategy, creating products and features that simplify.

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The Art Units with the Highest PTAB Win Rates

When an appealed patent application makes it all the way to the PTAB and there is a final decision.

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