Technology Center 3600 is somewhat of a catch-all tech center, with applicable technologies ranging from animal husbandry to furniture to robotics systems. The 3600s are also home to the business methods art units, which have been the subject of a great deal of interest and critical analysis following Alice v. CLS Bank Int’l., 573 U.S. ___(2014). Its average allowance rate is 61.1%, which is...

The Top 10 Firms in TC 1600

October 09, 2015
Technology Center 1600 covers a variety of biotech, chemical, and pharmaceutical technologies, as well as plants and cosmetics. Its overall allowance rate is 51%, which is significantly lower than the USPTO's average of 71%. In terms of speed to disposition, it takes an average of 36.1 months to prosecute an application to disposition in TC 1600, which is nearly equal to the USPTO average of...
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Juristat recently analyzed the patent prosecution history of a local Top 10 firm (the “Firm”) and determined that the Firm could have generated an additional $55,000 per prosecutor in revenue by incorporating Juristat Examiner Reports into their patent prosecution practice. A step-by-step breakdown of our analysis follows. In analyzing the Firm’s patent prosecution history, we reviewed 148 patent...
Juristat transforms raw patent application data into actionable analytics allowing you to optimize prosecution and marketing strategies. Our union of artificial intelligence, big data, and an unparalleled understanding of the U.S. patent system provides prosecutors with the expertise to maximize allowances, manage client expectations, and dominate the competition.  
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