As the home of art units covering software and business methods, TC 3600 has been the focus of heavy attention since the Alice decision in June of last year. Its average allowance rate is 61.2%, which is below the USPTO average of 72%,. Its average speed to disposition is 35.3 months months, bringing it in line with the USPTO average of 35.8 months.  All firms below are ranked by allowance rate. The firms were selected from IP Today's top firms for 2015 and have at least 100 applications disposed in TC 3600. Allowance rate was calculated by dividing the number of a firm's allowed applications by the total number of the firm's allowed and abandoned applications.

Congratulations to all of the firms that have demonstrated such expertise in TC 3600s technologies. 

10. Myers, Bigel, Sibley & Sajovec (80.9%)

9. (TIE) Barnes & Thornburg (81.2%)

9. (TIE) Miller, Matthias & Hull (81.2%)

8. Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt (81.9%)

7. Standley Law Group (82.0%)

6. Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt (84.0%)

5. Walker & Jocke (84.2%)

4. Osha Liang (89.0%)

3. Buskop Law Group (90.3%)

2. Maschoff Brennan (91.8%)

1. Garvey, Smith, Nehrbass & North (92.5%)


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