New in Juristat: Document Code Filters, Custom Application Alerts, and Improved Speed

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This past year, we’ve seen our industry innovate and adapt like never before. Time and time again, we talk to clients and colleagues who are discovering innovative ways to streamline budgets without sacrificing quality patent work. Our latest updates are designed to help you in these endeavors – adding greater speed and insight to our already easy-to-use analytics platform. Here is a quick summary of our exciting new features:

New! Document code filter

Curious to see if programs like Track One improve your chances at an allowance? Could you be saving time and money by enrolling in the First Action Interview Pilot Program? Now it is easier than ever to evaluate the effectiveness of USPTO programs in Juristat. 

We’ve added a document code filter to search for certain document codes or isolate those applications within your search. You can then see the average allowance rate, time to disposition, number of office actions, and more for applications with your selected document codes. 


New! Custom application alerts

With our new custom application alerts, you can spot potential high-cost prosecution and make a plan of action to get ahead of it. You can set these alerts on your applications based on specified prosecution events, office action or response counts, and even examiner metrics.

Our clients are already using custom alerts to limit lengthy and expensive prosecution, for example:

  • Recommend a CON for a likely NOA
  • Take strategic action on applications with excessive RCEs
  • Identify applications that have surpassed their assigned examiner’s OA to allowance rate
  • Recommend an interview based on the assigned examiner's interview win rate


And now, faster than ever

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made some significant performance improvements to the app that make searching, filtering, and exporting data even faster. 

  • Search results in less than two seconds! Search queries have improved by 50%, with the average search taking two seconds or less. In many cases, they will return faster than a second! This performance increase applies to both keyword text search and similar document search.
  • Filter results in less than a second! Even complex searches with multiple filters applied can return results in one second or less. 
  • Even the largest exports take seconds – not minutes! Being able to export data for up to 4,000 applications is awesome, but these large exports often took several minutes to complete. Now, even the largest export downloads in 30 seconds or less. 


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