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USPTO Going All-In on DOCX Filings


The USPTO recently published a final rule announcing that it would encourage the transition to filing in DOCX format by imposing new fees on certain documents submitted in a non-DOCX format. The new rule takes effect on April 3, 2023.*

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2022 was an exciting year for Juristat. We’re excited for 2023, but first, let’s look back at the topics that most interested patent professionals in the past year.

Most-Read Posts of 2022

2022 was an exciting year for Juristat. We launched new products like PTAB Expert Search, expanded our industry-leading analytics with 102 Forward Cite Reports, and improved our cutting-edge workflow automation tools to include Juristat OAR with Detailed Figure Annotations.

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In 2022 there was change at the USPTO, but familiar trends dominated in the legislature and the judiciary. Check out the year's news highlights.

2022 Patent News Year in Review

2022 was a year of change at the USPTO, while familiar trends once again dominated in the legislature and the judiciary. Below are a few of the most important patent developments of the year.


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Juristat tracks “end-loading,” or a USPTO examiner’s tendency to complete a higher volume of work at the end of the quarter.

Examiners Who Procrastinate and How To Keep Them From Derailing Your Practice

If you knew your assigned USPTO examiner was going to procrastinate on your application, how would it impact your prosecution strategy?

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How To Get Ahead of Office Action Seasonality at the USPTO

How To Get Ahead of Office Action Seasonality at the USPTO

Much like the holly and tinsel hitting store shelves before the jack-o-lanterns are even gone, you can set your watch by an influx of office actions coinciding with the end of the USPTO’s fiscal year in September.

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A patent attorney gives business advice to a client, helping to grow the attorney's practice.

Go From Attorney to Advisor With 102 Forward Cite Reports

By strategically leveraging 102 Forward Cite Reports, you can increase your value by acting as an advisor, not just an attorney. 

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Mayo/Myriad at 10: On the Decline and in the Crosshairs

The Mayo/Myriad standard arguably introduced a great deal of uncertainty into the feasibility of obtaining patent protection for life sciences innovations and has been accused of curtailing the competitiveness of U.S.-based life sciences companies in the global marketplace.

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Patent professional labeling a figure drawing

3 Ways Figure Drawings Are Hurting Your Patent Practice – And What You Can Do About It

If your work as a patent professional primarily falls under the header of mechanical or electrical engineering, you know, maybe more than most, that annotating figure drawings takes up valuable time and mental bandwidth.

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Patents Filed With the USPTO That Can Make for a Happy Holiday Season

Patents for a Happy Holiday Season

The heat of summer is behind us, and the warmth of the holidays is just ahead. Thanks to some innovative minds, here are a few inventions to make the season a little easier, or at least, easier to bear.

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The Major and Emerging Attorneys and Firms at PTAB

PTAB Trends: Top Firms and Attorneys

When it comes to PTAB proceedings, who are the major players? Which firms and attorneys are handling the lion’s share of the cases – and who is making waves?

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