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Video: Maximize ROI with USPTO Examiner Data

As patent lawyers working with creators and innovators, you rely on complex data and historical trends to make informed decisions in your patent prosecutions.

Juristat organizes and visualizes big data to help patent prosecutors identify the most advantageous responses to office actions while providing clients with unparalleled transparency into the decision-making process.

Watch our latest video to learn how to access useful examiner data that can inform your patent prosecution:

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Video: How to Monitor Competitor Applications

All companies applying for patents need to stay up to date on competitor activity that may threaten the viability of their patent applications.

Juristat Platform consolidates Public PAIR information to help companies identify and monitor pending competitor applications for new developments.

Learn how to narrow your search to competitor applications in relevant tech areas and create a saved filter to regularly return for future review.

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Power Tools for Patent Lawyers

Power Tools for Patent Lawyers

We’ve covered a lot of ground on how you can use our reports for strategic planning, but Examiner Reports offer a bevy of powerful tools that let you quickly drill down to the most relevant data for your specific prosecution. In this post, we'll explore how to get the most of Examiner Reports' research by exploiting its interactivity.

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Managing Client Communication with Juristat Examiner Reports

With this guide learn the “what” and the “how” of Juristat Examiner Reports: what you can do with them, and how our current customers do it.

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