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You need to leverage your staff for strategic tasks, but is workflow automation the answer? Here are five metrics that indicate it's time to invest in IDS automation.

Five Metrics That Prove You Need IDS Automation

You know you need to leverage your staff for more strategic tasks, but how can you tell if workflow automation is the answer? It doesn’t have to be guesswork.

In the world of IP law, efficiency is key. As patent practitioners know all too well, manually managing the flow of information disclosure statements can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. 

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2023 Patent News Year in Review

2023 Patent News Year in Review

2023 was a relatively quiet year in the patent world. Nevertheless, there were a few major developments, including a Supreme Court decision that directly affects patent applicants and several pieces of proposed legislation that would make significant changes to patent law. 

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2023 Mid-Year Patent News

From new USPTO offices to landmark Supreme Court patent cases to patent eligibility reform legislation, 2023 has shaped up so far as a busy year for the patent world.

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Five questions to ask to ensure your outside patent firm’s performance is maximizing profit and IP value.

5 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Outside Counsel

Your patent portfolio is your future, and you want to make sure it is in the best hands possible, legally speaking.

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Here are some of the best legal conferences for patent professionals to attend in 2023.

10 Best Conferences for Your IP Practice in 2023

As we hit the ground running in 2023, you may be looking for ways to connect with your fellow patent professionals, get up to speed on the latest developments in legal tech, and be inspired by new solutions to your daily challenges.

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8 Common Questions About Juristat IDS Automation

Automation can relieve stress and reduce tedious IDS workloads, but letting go of ingrained processes can be intimidating.

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How to Ditch the Recruiter for Your Expert Witness Search

Finding the right expert witness in PTAB proceedings is crucial to success, but IP attorneys often have to rely on expensive recruiters to find these experts. Now, you can avoid unnecessary recruiter fees and identify the perfect expert independently with PTAB Expert Search.

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Juristat Top Patent Firms 2021

Top Firms 2021: By the Numbers

Time to dive deeper into some of the key trends behind this year’s Top Firms rankings.

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preparing for influx of office actions from USPTO

Preparing for an Influx of Office Actions

Understanding seasonality around USPTO office actions can help drive decisions related to firm hiring, training, and process workflows. And our data shows that you are about to get very busy.

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in-house evaluating outside counsel

Which Metrics Matter When Evaluating Outside Counsel?

The age of big data is here to stay, and there is so much information out there to access, sift through, and organize to accomplish our goals. As a company evaluating your legal partnerships, how do you know which metrics provide the most insight?

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