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Key Takeaways from the 2020 USPTO Performance and Accountability Report

Each year, the USPTO releases a Performance and Accountability Report that analyzes the agency’s performance and evaluates how well it met the goals of its five-year Strategic Plan. Here are the key takeaways from the 2020 report.

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USPTO Technology Center 2600 Communications

Technology Center Deep Dive: A Look at TC 2600

Technology Center 2600 handles communications-related technologies. This includes telephonic communications, speech processing, digital and optical communications, and computer graphic processing.

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uspto examiner technology center

The Most Difficult Examiners by Technology Center (2021)

Patent professionals who specialize in a specific type of technology may run into the same examiners from time to time. If that examiner is one of the most difficult in the technology center, knowledge of past performance may be the difference between an allowance and an abandonment.

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USPTO Technology Center 2100 Computer Software

Technology Center Deep Dive: A Look at TC 2100

Technology Center 2100 handles computer architecture and software, with art unit groups focused on computer reliability and control systems, memory access, computer architecture, databases and file management, software development, artificial intelligence (AI), and graphical user interfaces.

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patent analytics data

How Data Helps You Deliver More for Your Clients

In a saturated market, law firms are looking for ways to stand out and deliver the best legal services to their corporate clients. If you are looking to provide quality patent prosecution that ensures long-standing relationships, your firm needs to invest in data analytics.

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Andrei Iancu USPTO

Andrei Iancu’s Tenure at the USPTO

On January 19, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Director Andrei Iancu announced his resignation from the agency. In his time as director, he focused on bureaucratic efficiency and clarifying patent eligibility guidelines.

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Technology Center Deep Dive: A Look at TC 1700

Technology Center 1700 handles chemical and materials engineering, including batteries and fuel cells, metallurgy, adhesives, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, glass and paper making, and food.

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innovation technology ideas

Top Patent News of 2020

With 2020, seemingly the longest of years, finally behind us, let’s look back at a few of the most important patent-related developments of last year to best prepare for 2021.

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uspto technolgy center 3700

Technology Center Deep Dive: A Look at TC 3700

Technology Center 3700 is somewhat of a “catch-all” technology center, handling technologies as diverse as medical instruments, shoes and apparel, machine and hand tools, thermal and combustion technology, and refrigeration.

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women in science

Female Inventors at the USPTO: Findings from the Latest Report

In 2019, the USPTO released a report surveying the participation of female inventor-patentees in the U.S. patent system. The main discovery: women are still underrepresented in the patent system, but their participation rate is slowly improving.

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