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The Rainmaker Firms

by Drew Winship and James Cosgrove

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The State of the RCE Backlog

Tackling the Application Backlog When David Kappos took over as Director of the USPTO in August.

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Boeing vs. Lockheed: A Battle for the Skies

Air travel is one of the building blocks of our economy--the ability to get where we need to go.

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Merck vs. Pfizer: The Big Pharma Showdown

The pharmaceutical industry has, of late, been especially prominent in the public eye. This may be.

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Ford vs. GM: A Patent Battle (Detroit Edition)

As part of our ongoing project to pit major companies against each other to see who comes out on.

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Apple vs. Google: Who Comes Out Ahead in Patent Prosecution?

Battles between tech companies are some of the most complex and high-stakes litigation in patent.

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Introducing Juristat's new features for 2016

New Year.  New Features. Juristat is proud to announce new features for 2016.  These new features.

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The Fastest Firms in TC 2400

TC 2400 handles applications touching on computer networks, multiplex communication, video.

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Juristat's List of the Top Ten Patents Guaranteed to Spread Holiday Cheer

We at Juristat love the holidays and wanted to share with you ten inventions for a very festive.

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