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With St. Patrick's Day upon us, we celebrate the heritage of the Irish, but corned beef and funny green outfits shouldn't be the only things you remember about St. Patrick's Day. In fact, some of the world’s most important inventions and discoveries have actually come from the Irish. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important inventions and discoveries to ever make it off of the Emerald...

Juristat Top 100 | 2017

March 08, 2017
Note: This list is from 2017. Click here to see the latest rankings. 
As you may know, we regularly publish rankings of the top patent prosecution firms. Even though our rankings are based on multiple variables, we always have a few commentators who point out that certain technologies are just harder to prosecute. This, of course, is true. It’s easier to get a plant patent than a business method patent. That’s why we decided to run the numbers for the various...
Editor’s Note: Juristat doesn’t take a position in the software patentability debate. The views reflected in this piece are meant to be informative and do not necessarily reflect the views of Juristat or the authors themselves.

The Top Firms in TC 3700

February 07, 2017
Technology Center 3700 covers a variety of different technologies, including manufacturing devices and processes, medical instruments, refrigeration, and machine and hand tools. Its average allowance rate is 65.0%, making it one of the more difficult technology centers in which to obtain a patent, given that the USPTO’s overall allowance rate is 72%. To be eligible for inclusion in this list,...

The Top Firms in TC 3600

January 17, 2017
Technology Center 3600 covers a wide and diverse variety of technologies, including transportation, agriculture, aeronautics, and plant and animal husbandry. It is also the home of work groups focusing on business methods and e-commerce patents, which have seen their allowance rates plummet in the wake of Alice and several other Supreme Court and Federal Circuit cases within the last few years....
Following up on our post from two weeks ago, the Top Firms in TC 2800, we now move on to the firms that receive the fewest office actions to allowance. Below, we’ve ranked the ten firms that receive the fewest office actions to allowance in TC 2800. To be eligible for inclusion, the firms must be based in the United States and have at least 500 disposed applications in the ten-year period between...

The Top Firms in TC 2800

December 12, 2016
Technology Center 2800 handles applications touching on semiconductors, memory, electrical circuits and systems, and optics, among others. Its average allowance rate is 82.3%, which is well above the USPTO average of 71%, making TC 2800 one of the easier tech centers to receive an allowance in. While its average allowance rate is rather high, the firms below manage to do even better. 

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